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Relationship Problems

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Married life of husband and wife is a quite special and every married couple wish their relationship to be ideal. Though, any of the relation is perfect but the married life shows beauty in their relationship. But the time problems arise which is to be serious and can lead to destroy of happy married life. For such situation, one needs proper and systematic guidance and several such problems can be efficiently tackled by astrology. There are several traditional methods in astrology that can reveal the similarity level and the problems that the couple might face before or after the marriage.


The cause of marital problems can only be determined by analyzing the horoscope properly. Going by pure astrology, the planet that governs our relationships and the essence of love, Mars and Venus also plays a vital role. If these planets in the horoscope are placed correctly either in fifth, seventh, ninth or eleventh house of the birth chart, it brings an overwhelming feeling of great happiness and happiness in relationships, but if they are affected by malefic planets, then it leads to marital disturbances which could eventually lead into divorce problem. However, at Mystic Astrology, our Pandith Haish Bhat is quite experienced and expert in sorting out such problems through his mastery over astrology.

Argument between husband and wife is a common problem these days which finally leads to divorce. However, many don’t realize that astrology has a big part to play in rectifying these differences and realizing this we have made people aware about it through our Pandith Haish Bhat who is an expert in astrology. With great level of expertise in this field for several years he has solved several such issues. So, if you want to get this relationship problem sorted out and live happily,

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