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Manglik/Mangala Dosha

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The moment we get to know through Marriage Astrology or Kundali Matching that a boy or girl is Manglik, we immediately correlate them to bringing instability in their partner ’s life. When it comes to marriage, Mars plays a vital role in horoscope marriage prediction and it will help in determining the person’s future. It is considered to be a negative planet as far as marriage is concerned. When Mars is placed in the wrong house, it causes Manglik dosha since it is a fierce planet. Manglik dosha causes a delay in marriage. There are people who don’t get married even when they turn 40!

When a person with Manglik dosha marries a non-Manglik person, it causes severe outcomes, which may result in the death of the spouse or chances of getting physically paralyzed or anything dangerous to both the partners. It also leads to continuous fights, arguments which may even end up in divorce.

What role does it play in marriage?

Mars is considered a negative planet as far as marriage is concerned as it represents war and fire. It is indicative of energy, ego, respect, and self-esteem, and those who have mangal dosha are seen as very short-tempered and quarrelsome and this is perhaps why it is said that Mangliks tend to have problems adjusting with their partner post marriage. Since Mars is associated with vigour and valour, it tends to make one headstrong and impulsive. These are the attributes of Mars which would lead to rifts and discord between the husband and wife. The rifts would occur due to the partner’s anger issues and uncompromising nature thereby leading to divorce and the untimely death of one’s spouse.

Effects of Mangal Dosha

  • If it is placed in first house, then it may cause conflicts in marital life.
  • If Mars is placed in second house, it may cause trouble to family and ultimately again the marriage life.
  • If the same planet is placed in fourth house, then it may cause trouble to the professional front.
  • If it is placed in seventh house, then it may increase the dominance within the person which may lead to the disharmony in a relationship.
  • If the same planet occupies the eighth house, it may lead to the loss of paternal property.
  • If it is placed in twelfth house, it may cause to the mental stress and hence the family life would be affected.
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