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Black Magic Remedies

Black Magic removal

The Negative Effects of Black Magic and Its Remedies

Black magic refers to a group of hedonistic, magical or supernatural work activities that are done with the selfish purpose. It is a malicious left-hand counterpart of white magic.  It is a disapproved practice that certain individuals with negative tendencies and jealous minds use to kill, cause suffering and misfortune to others. Basically, black magic is not a trick of magic. It is a malicious metaphysical practice based on using effects generated by bad mantras. Mantras are organized of syllables in a specific manner. As there are mantras that yield beneficial results, there are also mantras that cause tremendous harm.  Documented research is, however, lacking in the field.

Black magic is also known by name of dark magic, witchcraft, Jadu -tone or Kaala Jadu. There are various kinds of black magic like bhanmati, voodoo and vashikaran.

Lemons, coconuts, chilies, turmeric, saffron, black dolls, pins, needles, nails, ash and charcoal are the various substances that are used to do this evil practice. The various ways in which black magic can harm a person include injuring a person, killing him or her, causing suicidal thoughts, serious financial problems.

People involved in vice practices are highly prone to be affected by black magic. Those who do not have faith in god and indulge in visiting prostitutes, alcoholism, smoking, do not have value. Black magic does not harm a person directly, but creates enemies and problems that can harm a person.  

Black magic can affect everybody right from children to adults and animals.

In children in the age group of 0-14 affected by black magic, there is a tendency to feel sick again and again, irritated behavior, illness does not get cured with medication, developing bad habits like watching porn, smoking, drinking.

In adults the black magic spell can be seen when there is unreasonable upheaval in misunderstandings between relatives and friend.  The opposite sex keeps getting attracted to the person and their close relatives and friends become your enemies, frequent love-breakups, extramarital affairs, excessive alcohol, loss of employment, kidney stones, depression.

In people above the age of 50, black magic would tend to give rise to illnesses like diabetes, heart and kidney stones, conflict with family members.

The effect of dark magic is higher on full-moon or no-moon days. Some of the common symptoms in victims of black magic include getting startled in sleep, disturbance in sleep, lack of feelings of pleasure, amnesia, dreams of snakes, dirty places, falling from heights.

There are different forms of black magic and the solutions for these are also different.  A person must be completely learned in knowledge to be a Black Magic Expert.  However, very few people profess this knowledge and most of the curers are actually frauds. If you feel affected by this problem, help is available from Pandith Sri Harish Bhat  Famous Astrologer in Bangalore.

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